Jan 31, 2007

A Pig at Gregoire and No, I'm Not Referring To Us

Realizing that today would be the last day of Gregoire's delectable January menu, The Unbalanced One, The Calm One, and The Crazy said "Forget learning and satisfying our brain! We shall satisfy our stomachs!" With that thought in mind, they ventured to the tranquil Gourmet Ghetto in northside to visit their good friend once again.

The layout of Gregoire is pretty cool. There are bar stools with a counter placed in front of the cooking area, and an open window to the right of the cooking ranges and drawers full of ingredients (!!!) so that the chef can call out the names on orders and hand them through the window to the people sitting at tables outside or waiting for their food to go. We, of course, sat right in the middle of things, on the stools, staring down the chef and generally looking like crazies with our frantic picture-taking.

There we paid a visit to our brethen.

The Calm One getting mentally prepared...

Behind that smile is a beast ready to unleash itself on some unfortunate sammiches...That tasty morsel waited in line for 5 hours to go on this delicious ride.

Unadulterated potato mush, ready to be transformed into the celebrated potato puffs

From the specially shaped boxes to the adorable checkered tissue paper, everything is tip-top perfect

He, too, was transfixed by the scene before him

Three beautifully created sandwiches. All with a lot of potential. BUT ONLY ONE SHALL become America's Next Top sammich.

If we had to, we would have eaten him to get to those sandwiches.
The tempura-battered butternut squash with onion chutney sandwich- up close and oh so personal.


.a. said...

you ladies are just too hungry & just too fun.

The Somewhat Crazy One said...

no, those squash tempura sandwiches were really one of the best things I have had thus far at Berekeley....and I'm not even a fan of butternut squash!

Garrett said...

what a fun post!