Jan 29, 2007

Italian MSG?

The fantastic reputation of Trattoria La Siciliana left us completely unprepared for the experience that was about to unfold. After consuming a towersome heap of warm, fresh, hearty bread (a carb lovers dream, which was served with a simple, yet delicious herbed olive oil dip) the main dish was brought to the table; handmade ravioli, served in a tantalizing mushroom cream sauce. The contrast of savory and sweet was enhanced by the mouthwatering taste of a soft, fresh pasta filled with equally fresh mushrooms and ricotta cheese.

Ok, so this photo doesn't even begin to do this dish justice. But seriously, a plate of mushroom ravioli, several orders of bread (I think we made it to at least Round 4), and the garlicky olive oil, and you'll have all you'll ever need.

The lovely finale to our hearty meal.


The Somewhat Crazy One said...

During this excursion we also sampled the Tiger Prawn Linguine which I found to be quite heavy, yet none the less a satisfyingly fulfilling dish.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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