Jan 29, 2007

Smart Alec's. Aka: the frantic run towards telegraph for between-classes cornbread.

Smart Alec's, on Telegraph Ave., famous for its healthy, fast, and affordable food, is a favorite of Southside students. The service is insanely fast, hipsters abound, and you occasionally have to scream at your friend in conversation over the bustle. But we think it's worth it. The food is fresh and full of flavor. Jenn favors the salads and especially the homemade corn bread (each thick golden slice is $1!!), I'm a lover of the hummus sandwich, and I believe I heard Lindsay voice a little lovin' for the fries, piled high and topped with fresh garlic and herbs.

Priya's eggplant melt from Smart Alec's. She was a lucky wench.

Maybe it was the fresh tomatoes that hadn't been stored in the dining common refrigerator for two weeks or the edamame that didn't contain essence of corn, tofu, and all of its dining common neighbors, but this salad would make foothill "chef" Conrad cry.

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