Jan 29, 2007


Regular Contributors:

This is the Unbalanced One. Be forewarned: between searching for a major and looking for the next Foothill creature, this one is ready to eat anything resembling ice cream, hummus, or foccacia.

This is the Calm One. Always the diplomatic one, this creature has a not-so-secret weakspot for kittens and yummy and fresh delectables. She particularly favors boys that know how to take care of their umbrellas.

And finally, this is the Crazy One. Ready to combat a giant two brownie scoop sundae at Fenton's, this one's stomach is as mighty as her glare. Her only weaknesses? Peaches and shoes.


Be careful where you step! If you accidentally blink, you may miss this little creature. Try to catch it, boiled and topped with butter, its considered a delicacy in China.

Also, this is a marquee that The Crazy made.

Hi All!!! Welcome to the Two Hungry Bears and a Lazy Tapir! I hope you enjoy our food adventures through Berkeley as much as we did!!!

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