Feb 2, 2007

Food Seminaring

Food Seminar at San Francisco
During The Unbalanced One's first semester at Cal, she had the opportunity to go on an amazing seminar that brought her two farmers markets, two farmers, a cheese factory, and a feast at a professor's house. Twas the trip of dreams, and it was it really was...

Because it was still peach season, those velvety globes of sweet juice were still out in full force. The Unbalanced One hadn't eaten anything that morning so she was slightly overwhelmed when she saw all of them staring at her. She admits that there were, indeed, more than one tear of happiness shed. After no hesitation, she quickly handed over $3.00 for a peach of her own. Light and extremely fragrant, this organic fruit was completly worth it. However, will she be spending another $3.00 for one piece of fruit anytime soon? Probably not.

Towards the end of our Ferry Market Plaza adventure, we were standing around waiting for the bus to take us to our next adventure. Little did we know that lurking around the corner (well, actually sitting at a stand right behind us) were these beautiful hand-held pies. We surmise that one was filled with strawberry and another with blackberry goo. One lucky girl bought a one. Much jealousy was directed from The Unbalanced One to this unsuspecting individual.

A short while after leaving the Ferry Plaza Farmer's market, we went to a farm where rows organic strawberries were ripe for the picking. The gentleman who owned the farm discussed the difficulties involved with farming (owning the land, making sure the soil wasn't depleted of its nutrients, picking the berries in time, etc.) At one point, he allowed the each person to pick ONE strawberry. At first, the emphasis on only "one" strawberry unnerved The Unbalanced One. What if she accidentally stepped on one? Would that be the ONE? What if she picked one that looked ripe on one side, but revealed itself to be a hideous GREEN when exposed from its leafy breathren? Would that be the ONE? With these fears in mind, she carefully walked among the strawberry rows and finally selected this little fellow. Notice the resembalance to one of man's greatest inventions--the handbag. Oh and yes, it was delicious.

As we sat on a haystack, we listened to a grass-fed beef farmer talk about his farm and his grass-fed cattle. Just hearing him talk about how great grass-feeding is for cattle made me wish I were a grass-fed freshman. He also showed us his abundant apple orchard where I sank my eager teeth into thee most crisp and fresh apples I have ever tasted. Then again, I did grow up going to Lion's asian supermarket where the word "organic" is a rarity indeed.
Biting into a grass-fed beef patty, surrounded by organic veggies, all mushed together by an Acme baguette reminded me of why I shall never go into the land of zee vegetarians. So sorry, Babe.

Bruschetta with mozzerella, tomatoes, and pesto?!?! Sometimes when I think of this when I feel I don't have enough religion in my life.
I'm not such a fan of cold cheese, but when it tastes like lemon frosting and is called "lemon quark," I have one word for you: GIMME!


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we must unselfishly attribute our deep rooted admiration (& pure unadulterated lust) for white peaches to our dear, acute tastebud-tended, amazingly flavory entree slanging mother whom we heart & adore. thanks, ma.

Anonymous said...

Do I dare to eat a peach?