Mar 13, 2007

XRDS. ...just kidding.

Sometimes in my darkest of studying hours I look at the Foothill DC menu and sink further into despair, because noooo way am I having a hamburger again or venturing near the yogurt/pickles/peanut butter lair. And also I have a test the next day. Cereal time perhaps? But sometimes in these sad times I hear a knock at my door and Jenn will come flouncing in and propose a trip to Crossroads, the other DC on Southside. These trips mean a lot for my stomach. Meaning, chiefly, death. Seriously, these meals are of epic proportions. I could say that it's an unconscious defense mechanism of mine, to stuff myself with good food while it's available in such abundance, to tide me over the bad times as our ancestors might have done. But the truth is I don't pay enough attention in Anthro to make that kind of statement and I am just a glutton. Usually I stuff myself with a hummus sandwich and sweet potato fries, and then ideally bread pudding, and then, like the beast I am, I waddle into Peet's Coffee and Tea next door and get a steamed milk with a hazelnut shot. Oh how my belly aches but let me tell you life is GOOD.

Crossroads is pretty amusing because we get to watch everything about Southside we're missing in Footy pass us by, literally, as we eat. It's always so interesting to me to see the stark differences between the lives led on the two sides of campus. If I lived on Southside, I might feel funny about going to dinner at Crossroads looking as frump as I usually do, whereas to be honest, anything goes in the realm of the Foothill creatures. You can be rained on and tired and frizzy and still be accosted by umbrella-boys and probably umbrella-girls.

Ahem. Anyways, back to dinner.

Okay, to be fair, this was taken at Foothill DC. Seriously, the best thing about the DC is the salad bar. There's pretty much everything you need. EXCEPT, even though Jenn would disagree (she loves her salads, and especially her Sesame Goddess dressing), I don't like the salad dressing options. I guess I'm much too used to Kraft Italian dressing at home to appreciate anything that's not 99% garlic and vinegar. But anyways. The salad bar is fresh and yummy and nice to have available. I think most of it is even organic. Berkeley is good about making sure to label which foods aren't, and they also have a nice selection of vegetarian and vegan options at our DC. Unfortunately, I am not usually brave enough to venture into that territory too often, unless it is into the land of TOFUTTI "ICE CREAM" SANDWICHES, which are delicious AND amazing, no matter what Lindsay says.

Sweet potato fries at Crossroads!

Typical dinner for Jenn. Notice the complete lack of meat. Pssh.

Some ravioli that looked intriguing, but failed to deliver. Also some potstickers of The Crazy. The Crazy loves her potstickers.



christine said...

omg jenny.... CROSSROADS IS GROSS. last night made me want to cry

vikram said...

Hahah I can't believe you're actually reviewing Crossroads! Ahhh man I can't stand the place. During the year it's not so bad, but right now methinks the summer chefs are not out to impress anyone. I'm supposed to eat there twice a day, but I think in the last week I've ended up going thrice. I invariably end up making cereal parfaits for myself, because you honestly can't fuck up cereal, right?