Mar 14, 2007

true love

"I'd tap that."

I shall leave some of this post's comments to it's rightful author - Jenn, as she was the one who originally discovered the beautiful specimen known as the Granola Parfait (B. Granolium). Spotted in several locations, including the Golden Bear Cafe, Pat Brown's, and The Terrace on the UC Berkeley campus, this little beauty is a treat indeed. The morning is usually the best time to catch a fresh one, but don't worry! - the populations lining the fridges of their habitats are replenished several times a day.

Both of the Jennifers have been known to hunt down a granola parfait in the throes of midterm studying. The cold, creamy yogurt (vanilla, or maybe plain) pairs perfectly with the chewy raisins, crunchy granola with almonds, and plump juicy blueberries, staining the yogurt with swirls of light purple. A perfectly refreshing accompaniment to a day like today, in which my Irish colors show through, mainly the red type, in the form of a sunburn. I was focused so much on the parfaitness of the parfait, I neglected the fact that my cells were, at that moment, turning cancerous. It was so worth it.


Colonies of blueberries. Colonies!

From Jenn: If there's one thing I'll miss squandering my dining common points on, this would be it: the granola parfait. Like Jenny said, this is the perfect food to eat during midterms--not only does it provide the energy to read through the never-ending readers, its easy to sneak into the stacks and shove behind your computer when the monitors come strolling by. Contrary to what others think, the best way to eat this parfait is by smushing it all together until it resembles a Foothill inhabitant--pale, pasty, and altogether unappetizing. But the moment you slurp it up, the taste of the sweet, soggy grains, fluffy yogurt, and tangy berries is amazing. Our only reservations are when the yogurt to granola ratio is too low. TWO to ONE, people! That's the golden ratio. Please stick to it. Anything else is like a cup of yogurt with a little granola (and the feeling that I was wasted) or a cup of dry granola and a dab of yogurt (and the feeling of being wasted...okay not really. I don't know what it's like to be wasted, but I just really like parallel sentences. So sue me.)

Anyhow, I really need to thank this creation because it has led to my current obsession:
Take a bowl. Fill it 1/3rd with granola. Fill it 1/3rd with Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Fill it 1/3rd with Lucky Charms. Add a dollop of yogurt (any flavor!!!). Add some milk--enough to make the cereal float a bit. Throw in an entire diced banana. MIX...and ENJOY!!! Like I've said and will say again: It's the breakfast, lunch, and dinner of champions.

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