Mar 4, 2007

No Wonder Gisele is So Happy

Jealously reigns supreme when I think about how Ms. Bunchen not only gets free goods from Victoria's secret and used to date "Bling bang" Dicaprio, but also got to grow up eating Brazilian Bbq. At the tip of University Avenue, is a little trailer that contains the most flavorful meat in Berkeley--the owner Pedro. Oh! And the tri-tip is pretty famous too. I'm sure you've must of heard about Pedro's hospitality and vivaciousness. Rest assured, those rumors are true. Case in point: the second time I went there, I was given a free mango smoothie. Now, I'm pretty devoted to Gregoire, but keep this up Pedro, and you've just secured yourself a free stalker.

The mango smoothie was refreshing and not too sweet. You could definitely tell it was made seconds before. However, I wish it was a tad thicker. But then again, it was free so who's complaining? Here's a tip: To get your own free smoothie, cut out the coupon the Berkeley's Guide to a Good Life booklets they gave out in the beginning of the year. You know--those books that are festering in your common room right now.
This tri-tip sandwich was amazing. Each nugget of beef was tender and extremely flavorful. In addition to the fresh tomato and lettuce, the sandwich consisted of a hearty, yet light bread that was smathered with a cilantro-garlic sauce. On the trailer, there is a sign that says "Best Tri-Tip in the Bay." They aren't lying.
During a previous occasion, Jenny and Linsday were lucky enough to pay Pedro another visit. This is exactly the same sandwich that I had before except this time, the little tri-tip nuggets are being hugged by a thick, soft piece of sliced bread. Once again, the Brazilian Cafe does not disappoint.

One of the greatest things about the Brazil Fresh Squeeze Cafe is that in addition to the great food, it's really an experience. There isn't a "nice" dining area. Instead, customers enter a tent to the side of the trailer that is brightly decorated with pictures of Brazil and lots of fake grass. One interesting little tidbit is that the cafe was mentioned in National Geographic several years ago and as a result, there are always some issues of the magazine laying around.

Brazil Fresh Squeeze Cafe
2161 University Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94704


christine said...

You've just secured yourself a new stalker. Good blog. Did Pedro do a dance for you?

Christine said...

Because I will.

Anonymous said...

I would love to have that mango drink now. Sounds to be a fun place to eat.

I had a lunch at Il Fornaio today, the seafood Risoto special was great. You should do a piece on them.